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self care as soul connection

We can look around at all the mess and chaos of motherhood and still see the beauty in it. But sometimes, there is also an inner voice present, telling us that something is wrong. This is the startle that wakes you up in the middle of the night. This is the knot that forms in your stomach when you’re at the grocery store picking up chicken for dinner. This is the moment of clarity that creeps into your mind when you’re looking at your husband and you think, Does he see me? Does he know me at all?


why motherhood create passionate entrepreneurs

The paradox of love and fear swirling inside us the first few weeks after bringing the baby home teaches us humility and compassion. For the first time in our lives, we feel out of control – we are vulnerable and exposed.

Which is exactly the type of attitude you need to start a business. Maybe during dark nights nursing the baby, we are finally quiet enough to hear the voice that whispers in our heads – do it; you are worthy.


motherhood opens your heart and why you should keep it that way

I grasped at things that would make me feel like my old, cocooned self. I wanted to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I wanted to go out to a restaurant and drink a glass of wine. I wanted to go back to work, shop with friends, watch a tv show with my husband on the couch, without worrying if the baby would wake up.


Smashing fears and 3 strategies for breastfeeding success

When I read this list of fears I can’t believe the pressure we put on ourselves as mothers and as women in order to please other people. It’s as if we feel we have no right to be out in society, to be seen, to exist.

You are not required to hide your motherhood. In fact, the more society sees women mothering in public, whether its breastfeeding or bottle feeding, the less foreign and shaming we make the experience.

Summer Swim Guide: 10 Classy, Sexy Swimsuits for Mamas - really!

Loving our bodies is a continued practice, especially in a society where there is an ideal image splashed all over media and magazines. But we don’t need to look at our bodies (at ourselves) as one more thing to attain, one more area we are lacking. We can compassionately live inside the body we have by discovering styles that work for us, and not hiding it.


Episode 12: Molly’s Journey

Motherhood Every Kind of Way interview with Magda! We chat about motherhood, designing our breastfeeding clothing lines, and why we should stop comparing ourselves to other women.