The Role of Silence

Truth is revealed in the spaces - the unspoken words, the breath, the silence. When we create space, we not only see our own truth more clearly, we also interpret someone else's truth more accurately.

Our society is like one giant hoarder, and there is no space left to listen or to be. Within the mess, there is no reality, only illusion and distraction. We drag around the residue of old wounds and relationships. We bend our heads over phones and computers. We expose our minds to continuous senses and information, and we carelessly grab at pieces to listen to. 

Our minds are so full, and so loud, our own inner wisdom gets completely buried under the pile.

Today completes my first week of yoga teacher training, which means I have 3 to go. A practice enforced here at the ashram is a silent breakfast. There is no talking until 9am.

Does this make you say, No way, I could never do that!

Actually, I have found that easing through my morning yoga and first meal in complete silence creates a very harmonious atmosphere. It also creates a harmonious mind. I am focused instead of scattered. I have experienced a clearing and a polishing of my mind, and underneath it all, is my wise intuition, my truth.

Of course, when I return home to my two young boys, a silent morning is not so attainable. But maybe... The practice has been so powerful that I think I'm going to give it a try, in a bitesized version - a silent moment at the table or just after waking up, space to listen, to focus, and to cleanse. Space to breathe and feel the effects of life force energy circulating and clearing through my body.

Create space for yourself.

Create space for someone else.

Holding space for another person is powerful - even more powerful than inserting my own voice or advice into their space. People just want to be heard. Being head means they exist.

Yoga postures and breath open space in the body to do some much needed cleaning. My chest shakes after each heart opening pose, fearful of what has been jostled loose from the depths and brought to the surface. I have a sense it's every lost relationship, every heartache, every buried resentment. They all take the opportunity to rise and say, "I'm still here, can you deal with me already so we can move on?"

Create a moment of silence to honor your needs in the morning. Create space to listen to someone else and just be there with them instead of trying to fix it. After a week, I am hooked. You can silence the chaos of voices in your head and tune into the one that knows. The truth is there, if you create the space to hear it.

Molly ChansonComment