Wild Heart | Wild Mama

Some of us were born with a wild heart – a heart that wants to remain open, despite any risk of being discovered and damaged. We want to experience true love, and we do almost anything to support it. We are not afraid to share our heart with the world, and see what comes back to us – we give love freely, not only in romantic relationships, but also with family, friendships, and our children. It can be painful, but during difficult times, we still know love is worth it.

When we become parents, we embody true, unconditional love. It’s not like anything we’ve felt before – we know lust and infatuation. We know heartbreak and longing. But it’s different when the baby arrives. We feel not only a deep, pure love, but also an extreme responsibility. Like falling in love, it feels exciting, but also a bit dangerous – to love someone this much.

Our past experiences with love have taught us that we must do something, or be something, in order to not break it – or not let it go, as if love can slip away from us immediately if we make the wrong decision. A wild heart wrestles with the idea of slippery love – a wild heart believes love (real love) is steadfast and enduring, and can’t be taken away.

Your wild heart serves you well as a mom. You are guided by instinct and intuition – and maybe for the first time, you learn to trust yourself. Your inner voice becomes your teacher as you enter the new terrain of motherhood – you feel like an animal surviving in the wild, because so much always seems to be at stake. It’s impossible to feel safe all the time. Of course, the hidden gem in all of motherhood is YOU – learning to trust yourself and follow your own masterful intuition creates growth and transformation inside you. You are the expert for yourself and your baby. You hold all the power. Even mistakes and setbacks aren’t really mistakes, because you show up every day for the practice of motherhood and you honor where you are on that day.

As new moms, we quickly learn that no two days are alike, so what’s the point of reliving yesterday? The future also appears hazy and unsure, especially during the baby’s first few months, so there’s really no point in looking ahead either. Stay in the present. Like a hungry predator seeking out its prey, he does not worry about tomorrow, only about finding food now.

As wild hearts, we continually surrender to the Universe and trust that it will catch us when we fall. And we let ourselves fall – because we are hopeful and confident that it is the only way. So we dive into our relationships with untamed abandon. We plunge into motherhood with ultimate trust and willingness. We are tested – daily.

But we are so loved.

If you have a wild heart, love surely surrounds you – you attract it because it is the same energy you put out into the world. And another thing about having a wild heart – it can never really be broken. Even when pummeled to dust like gold, it will always be molded back together and transformed, even more beautiful than when it started.


Photo Credit: Samantha Davis Photogaphy