Love Yourself. Wear Lipstick

I keep a small collection of lipsticks in the little console of my car. The square, black container is right next to the gear shift, and when I push on the lid and let go, it floats open to reveal what’s inside. When I first saw it, I wasn’t sure what would fit in such a small space – keys? Change?  Well, it’s the perfect size for lipstick. And it’s always there when I get into the car. It’s become my ritual when we go anywhere – key in ignition, seat belt on, car in gear, lipstick in hand.

Any small act of self-care should not go unnoticed. Our daily rituals add up to create our experience, and each small action is meaningful. Having my lipstick ready in the console means I am prepared. I won’t be caught off guard without it. I won’t show up to a last minute coffee date and wish I had it. I won’t forget to put it on in the morning and regret it. Even if the boys are fighting in the car, and I haven’t done one thing to love on myself today, I can reach into the small compartment and the lipstick is there – because I love myself enough to have put it there.

What else is in your bag, next to your bed, or in your car that shows that you love yourself? Displaying pretty things on tables, like candles and flowers, shows that you love yourself. Drinking your coffee out of a special or unique mug shows that you love yourself. Keeping a sample of your favorite perfume, a little makeup, or a writing journal in your bag – all show that you love yourself.  We can prepare our spaces so they provide us with gratitude for who we are and what we do, on a daily basis. And it doesn’t have to look like a grand alter of appreciation – it can be as simple as keeping your favorite lipstick tucked in the console of your car.

Photo credit: Samantha Davis Photography