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We are all soul-mamas, kindred spirits, joined together through our shared experience of motherhood. It doesn’t matter what we believe, or how we parent. It doesn’t matter how we got here …

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Soul Ma clothing

formerly Molly Ades Maternity

Designing my maternity and breastfeeding clothing line was inspired by motherhood, and my experience as a brand-new, breastfeeding mom. I felt majorly jipped that I couldn’t wear what I wanted - that I couldn’t breastfeed comfortably and easily while also remaining true to my fashionista self. My clothes are perfect for pregnancy, motherhood, and breastfeeding, but they are also just REALLY CUTE, comfy, high-quality clothes!

Running my business for the last 8 years has been an immense learning experience, and the greatest gift. Like most things in life, my clothing line is moving in a new direction. New partnerships and exciting adventures await, so stay tuned!

For now, please visit the Soul Ma Shop to take advantage of liquidation prices!

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